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Fremantle Ports

Kwinana Bulk Terminal – EC03 Conveyor Rebuild

In 2007 a major fire occurred on Conveyor EC03 at the Kwinana Bulk Terminal (KBT) whilst transporting coal. As a result the conveyor structure was badly damaged along with sections of the concrete tunnel through which the conveyor passed.

In 2010 Fremantle Ports called Public Tenders for the Design & Reconstruction of Conveyor EC03 at Kwinana Bulk Terminal. Amec Services were awarded the contract to undertake these works.

The scope of works included the cutting and removal from site of sections of the tunnel roof and replacement of same with precast concrete panels. This was a requirement for the subsequent pouring of infill concrete, repair by cut out and rendering of damaged tunnel walls. The design, fabrication and installation of a conveyor system, 250m long with a 1200 wide belt, was therefore initiated.

The client's requirements specified that the belt be fed through 25 number ground mounted steel chutes, with the feed controlled by horizontally mounted pneumatically operated knife gate valves and pneumatically operated adjustable' tilt chutes'.

The Scope of Works was varied to include the design, fabrication and installation of an enclosed steel conveyor truss and redesign of the conveyor drive mechanism.

A sophisticated computer operated system to interface with the Client’s existing CITEC system and control the feed of material on to the belt was developed and installed.

Various aspects of the design were subcontracted to specialised consultants under Amec Services management, as were concrete and electrical installation works to subcontractors.

Amec Services were fully responsible for the turnkey delivery of this complete system.

The completed project, valued at approximately $6.8 million, is capable of handling a variety of mineral ores and was completed and handed over to the Client with the achievement of an unblemished safety and industrial relations record.

During a recent inspection of the project by The Mines Department, the visiting inspector commented, "This is one of the most sophisticated conveyor systems I have seen and a very high degree of operator safety has been incorporated into its design – well done!"