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"Honesty is speaking truth and creating trust in minds of others. Honesty implies a lack of deceit."

It is important for us to be honest towards our suppliers and customers. We believe that a relationship built on honesty bears many positive outcomes. It is important that both verbal and non-verbal communications speak the truth and can create a link based on trust.


"Suitable or fit to be relied on; worthy of dependence or reliance; trustworthy"*

The industries that we operate in are abundant in large projects and facilities. Reliability is crucial to success . We give our customers peace of mind by being at the forefront of safety and quality but also by delivering our services in a timely manner. We esteem our work ethics and values and can therefore bring peace of mind to our clients and contribute to build a relationship of trust.


"The quality of being worthy of esteem or respect"

We treat our suppliers, clients and employees with the honour and respect that they deserve. We pride ourselves on employing and retaining the finest people and enabling them to achieve their full potential. We understand how important it is to have a healthy work-life balance and put efforts into making all of our employees fulfilled in their work.


“Faithfull, true, devoted; unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause”

We are loyal to our customers, stakeholders and employees and treasure a work environment of excitement, team spirit, informality, safety and mutual trust.
We recognized our compulsory and ethical duties towards the state, clients and employees and we trust that we respond to them in manner that reflects respect and dignity.


"Esteem, care, heed, regard, reference; treat with consideration"

We have respect for the environment and community and act accordingly. We support community efforts and encourage them when possible. We look into the possible ways of minimizing the damage that our operations can have on the environment and we strive to be seem as a company that cares for its customers, stakeholders and employees.


"Equal conditions for all; ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty"

Amec Services prides it self on being a company that treats all of it’s employees with fairness. Our equal opportunity policy supports our efforts of being a business free from discrimination.