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Wesfarmers LNG Sphere

The Wesfarmers LNG Sphere was commissioned in 2009 by Linde Engineering Australia a subsidiary of Wesfarmers. The project was conducted to provide an alternative fuel source for the heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) industry, to supply gas to remote power generation plants, to reduce carbon pollution emission levels and also, to build a world class production facility capable of producing 175 tonne of Liquefied Natural Gas per day.

Amec Services was responsible for the construction of the containment sphere which can hold up to 175 tonne of liquefied gas. The scope of work included:

  • Mechanical erection of a 4,250 m³ capacity stainless steel LNG Sphere with an outside diameter of 20140mm
  • Fabricate, erect and test to British standard PD5500 (unfired Fusion welded Pressure Vessels)
  • Coordinate all aspects of erection including scaffolding, blasting, painting, inspection, surveying and stud welding.
  • Receive and control prefabricated materials arriving from Europe
  • Conduct non destructive testing of the vessel (100% liquid penetrate testing and 100% radiograph testing of all welds.)

The sphere took 8 months and over 30,000 man-hours to complete. The works necessary to the project included several safety hazards such as:

  • Confined space work
  • Heavy lifting
  • Mobile equipment interface
  • Working at heights
  • Inter discipline interfaces
  • Isolations—Mechanical and Piping

The sphere was delivered under budget with no cost overrun, through one of Perth’s wettest winters. Because of Amec’s innovate and responsive approach the schedule was maintained and the final product was delivered on time. The whole of the works were celebrated because of our high quality build and our safe approach to construction activities.

The successful construction of the LNG plant enables wesfarmers to support over 130 heavy duty vehicles, two remote power stations and a large industrial customer.

"I love my big shiny ball" Wesfarmers Engineer

"The $137 million project is the result of persistent effort and innovation"