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Founded in 1985, Amec Services have been providing mechanical engineering solutions for companies operating in the resource recovery, mining, energy and infrastructure industries.

Amec Services have been a fabrication and installation supplier for operational facilities from all across Western Australia for 25 years. Today, Amec Services is a recognised mechanical engineering company known for its ability to provide mechanical fabrication and installation services with minimum production downtime.

Amec Services approach to safety and quality is long-standing. A strong safety culture coupled with pro-active quality practices are embedded in the business core. This focus is achieved by utilising the management group abilities supported by loyal and dedicated staff. These are the key drivers to Amec Services success.

In 2009, Amec Services managed/ participated in over 180 projects in the resource recovery, mining, energy and infrastructure industries. The largest of these works included the Alcoa PInjarra Blow-off tanks replacement and the Cloudbreak and Windimurra Projects.

Amec Services work force includes coded welders, advanced riggers, advanced boiler makers, crane drivers, advanced scaffolders, and much more.

From its very inception, Amec Services focus was to become a great company, a company that lived up to its aspirations by being the best at what they do.

Amec Services sets itself high standards and goals to satisfy every side of business in our current industry, never losing the focus on Safety, Quality and Efficiency.